Celebrating over 107 years of mountain exploration.

The shelter of our backcountry huts are the physical representation of how far we've come—as an organization and a community. The environment is the very thing we venture into and our huts represent that passion as well as the respect we have for it. To that end, our huts (and future huts) provide visitors with the ability to leave a smaller footprint, less impact on flora and fauna, as well as opportunity for exploration and personal reflection.The proposed project will be an extraordinary facility for guests into the future and will also be a demonstration site for green technologies and a commitment to long term sustainability as encouraged by BEES (Backcountry Energy Environmental Solutions).

February 18, 2014 - Press Release - "Alpine Club of Canada to build a backcountry hut at des Poilus"

July 24, 2013 - Press Release regarding the proposed hut at Mont des Poilus.

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